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Call for Applications: Palestine Youth Climate Justice Training

PENGON FoE Palestine is implementing the project “Youth for Environmental and Climate Justice in Palestine” in partnership with the Heinrich Böll Foundation - Palestine and Jordan. The project aims to develop the knowledge and capacities of Palestinian environmental and climate youth activists, university students, and other interested youth on climate-related issues to amplify their voices in shaping national climate change policies and contribute to international advocacy on climate justice in Palestine.

Palestinian Environment Day

The Statment of PENGON-FoE Palestine is in Arabic 

New PENGON performance guide

New PENGON performance guide " Credit community assessment- 

Climate Justice

Day of action for climate justice in Palestine. FoEI & Reclaim Power - Peoples' Action

Land Day

30th March, commemorates 41 years after the first Land Day, when thousands of Palestinians take to the streets

Utilizing Solar Energy

It was filmed a short stories about successful projects regarding the clean energy

PENGON participation Local conferences 2016

PENGON Participated in Many Local Conferences about different topics, Adult Education

Green line and Green boxes

PENGON launched the green boxes and the green line in June and July,2016

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