About Us

About Us

The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON- FoE Palestine) is a non profit, non-governmental organization whose role is to serve the Palestinian environment by acting as a coordinating body for the Palestinian environmental organizations located in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. PENGON was founded in 1996, due to the increased demands and responsibilities of Palestinian environmental organizations to defend the Palestinian environment.

PENGON members’ organizations whose mandates cover a wide and interconnected range of environmental issues such as land defense, agriculture, water, rural issues, sustainable development, cultural heritage, health and sanitation, biodiversity, human rights and community participation.

PENGON-FOE Palestine is the only environmental network for Palestinian environmental organizations in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Fundamental to PENGON’s work is to ensure that the Palestinian environment is dealt within the context of the Occupation and thereby calling on environmental efforts to work hand-in-hand with social justice causes while integrating social, economic and cultural rights as a part of environmental protection and defense.

PENGON gives special attention to international awareness, advocacy and mobilization, along with focusing on south-south cooperation, to support its efforts.

PENGON became a member in friend of the earth international (FOEI) in 2008.


The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON- FoE Palestine) is an environmental integrated framework that represents coordinating title for all specialists who are interested in sustainable environmental protection and development in the Palestinian context and global levels.


The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON- FoE Palestine) is a coordinating framework of NGOs who are interested in the environment, PENGON seeks to maximize the efforts through raising awareness , capacity-building , the promotion of environmental issues and networking with local and international institutions to contribute in the achievement of sustainable development in the Palestinian society.