Discussion of the "No Plastic Campaign"


PENGON and its partners started the discussion of the” No Plastic Campaign” which comes within the “Drivers of Change” project implemented by PENGON in partnership with Overseas Organization and funded by EU.


During the meeting, plastic consumption in Palestine was presented and an extensive discussion followed. Challenges, opportunities and mechanisms for reducing the production and consumption of single-use plastic was discussed and agreed upon that this requires a comprehensive mechanism to achieve this. A work plan to reduce plastic consumption and highlight recycling opportunities and alternatives will be developed specially in the areas of the project implementation. Accordingly, several meetings will be organized to discuss the steps to reduce plastic consumption and its environmental damage, mainly by environmental awareness and education to enhance citizen behaviors and encouraging private sector to find solutions and invest in alternatives. Beside this developing effective policies and laws to reduce plastic use and consumption.

This meeting comes in a series of subsequent meetings to plan an integrated campaign that will be launched with the aim of reducing plastic consumption in Palestine.