Event of “United to Protect our land” & “From one cactus sprouts a hundred”

Date: 28/6/2024

On Friday, June 28, 2024, an environmental event was held, implemented by th

Palestinian Museum, in cooperation with the Environmental and Climate Justice Program, funded by We Effect. The event was held in the presence of 98 people from various groups, the majority of whom were youth and women.

The activities included several topics, including introducing environmental rights, especially the right to submit a complaint, after which many attendees shared their opinions in this regard and some of them filed environmental complaints. This was followed by a symposium to talk about the importance of cactus and its connotations, especially with regard to the concept of resilience, in addition to its importance in combating desertification and climate changes.


At the end, and to enhance the concept of environmental protection and recycling, pots were made from recycled paper pulp and cactus plants were planted in them, in addition to planting cactus in the museum’s garden accompanied by distributing environmental friendly Tote bags to encourage the attendees of the event to utilize them instead of plastic bags.