Legal review for Palestinian Energy Laws and Policies from Gender Perspectives

This consulting short enquiry is meant to be an introductory research to assess the extent to which Palestinian Law, regulations, and strategies of renewable energy takes gender into account; if at all. The approach of the enquiry draws upon and is driven by contemporary conceptualization of  sustainable development as articulated by the UN, especially in the field of renewable energy. Therefore  we ask: whether or not Palestinian renewable energy law and regulations incorporates any gender-sensitive articles or policies?  To answer this question, this consultation analyzes: Law No (14) of 2015 on Renewable Energy and Energy Effectiveness (REE); the regulations of the law; and the Palestinian Renewable Energy Strategy. In doing so we first lay the ground to establish a better understanding of Palestinian womens’ role in economy to show the vulnerable status of women in economic activities, which stands anathema to international orientation to gender content of sustainable and comprehensive development.  Within this new approach to development the UNEP provides a very useful pinch mark that enables us to examine Palestinian womens’ status in the field of generating, possessing, and benefiting from renewable energy from a developmental perspective. The methodology we employ included: a) analyses of REE Law articles; b) analyses of Palestinian Government resolution # (11/79/17/m,o/r,h) of 2015 and its annexes; c) General Palestinian Renewable Energy Strategy/ the Palestinian Initiative on Solare Energy; c) reviewing UNEP conclusions on womens’ role in ownership and applying renewable energy in “Third-World” countries; d) applying structured open-ended interviews with Palestinian Energy Authority, and Palestinian Woman Ministry.

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