Resources Manual “Mainstreaming Gender in Energy Strategies and Programs

This manual was developed to respond to an urgent need of NGOs working on Energy and environmental issues to have information related the gender integration. The development of this manual does not deny the existing gender integration efforts in the existing programs and policies of these institutions. The available information revealed that there are several existing initiatives and practices in varying degrees between these institutions and institutional diligence that sometimes draws on the expertise and observation of the components of targeted society aiming at creating a social impact through the dissemination of a culture of gender participation, equity in resource allocation and project and program revenues. This manual is considered as an additional support for the environment NGOs, the NGOs that works on gender issues and for all those who aim to develop their skills on gender and clean energy issues. This manual assists the environment NGOs to develop specific gender oriented strategy, develop work plans for projects that take gender issues into consideration, and the agreement between partners on the goals and outputs of the project to reach gender equality, conduct planned activities and institutionalize the gender quality in the organization and its projects. Also it helps the NGOs to develop a plan to evaluate the gender aspect in the project outcomes and implementation steps.