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 March 2014

International Week Against Mekorot: 22-30 March 2014

Say NO to water apartheid, stand FOR water justice! 

 In March FoE Palestine/PENGON, together with the Palestinian BDS National Committee, and the Land Defense Coalition, will launch both local and international campaigns against the Mekorot water company. Mekorot is Israel’s state-owned water company responsible for imposing 'water apartheid' on Palestinians, by pillaging natural resources in occupied territory (which is illegal under the Geneva Convention), discriminating against the Palestinian people as an ethnic group, and providing vital support for the illegal settlement process. In 2005, Mekorot established a business arm to begin a process of international expansion. Several lucrative contracts have been signed in countries like the US, Cyprus, Argentina, India and Uganda. In Greece Mekorot is vying for a share in the government’s privatisation drive. Cooperation agreements have also been signed in Brazil, Portugal and Italy. Civic groups are outraged that their governments are turning a blind eye to Mekorot’s involvement in violations of international law and human rights. Find out more by  


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