Pre Master Plan "Solar Energy Production in Palestine"

Energy problem in Palestine is among many other problems that affect
social and economic conditions of the Palestinian People. The fact that
most of the energy is imported with relatively higher prices places more
economic burdens on the poor and marginal people. The current poverty
rate in Palestine is estimated at nearly 26% and the rate of absolute
poverty is nearly 13% (PCBS, 2012). This indicates that nearly 1.1 million
poor in Palestine with monthly income under the defined poverty line.
It was also reported that, on average, nearly 34 % of income is spent on
food and nearly 8.5% spent on energy (electricity and liquid gas). This
reflects the vulnerability of the society especially the poor and marginal
segments and limits their ability to obtain the energy they need for their
daily use.

You can find this Pre Master Plan in the attached file.