Preservation of Biodiversity

The Environmental Education Centre-EEC will use this grant to further their work in biodiversity protection through a few targeted methods.

EEC will host a workshop titled “Preservation of Biodiversity: Taking Care of the Environment”. This workshop will involve decision-makers across Palestine. The one-day event will contain lectures, tours and discussion about how they can help in the protection of Palestine’s biodiversity.

Additionally, EEC environmental clubs from five schools will be invited to the EEC for a day of activities. In the morning, students will tour the EEC campus, learn about what biodiversity is and actions they can take to help protect the gifts of Palestine. In the afternoon, students will take a hike in the natural areas surrounding the EEC to learn about flora and fauna as well as participate in bird watching.

Finally, new brochures, posters and stickers will be created and printed for distribution from the center. These materials will be in Arabic to help spread biodiversity awareness through the general population of Palestine.