Israeli Chemical Factories in Tulkarem is Zionist scheme to destroy Palestinians’ health and environment

Israeli Chemical Factories in Tulkarem is Zionist scheme to destroy Palestinians’ health and environment

In 1983, occupation forces, transferred several chemical factories that were built in Kfar Saba and Netanya, which are located inside the Green Line, this means the areas outside West Bank or the areas where they are under Israeli control. these factories were transferred to Tulkarm, after legal proceedings against their owner in Israel, many legal proceedings were made by the residents of Kfar Saba and Ntana against these factories , as these factories cause damage to the environment and danger to the  human life, many statements have reached to the Knesset, and eventually led to closure of these factories in Netanya and Kfar Saba, because these factories violate environmental laws and standards, after this decision  these factories were transferred to the West Bank.

These industrial areas include 8 chemical factories that produce pesticides and fertilizers. After the operation of those factories, it was noted a change in the environment of the surrounding area, including a gloomy foggy sky, spreading of polluted and disgusting smells, In addition to a thick white dust in the sky. , which causes many diseases, like  cancer which has increased 20% compared with previous years, in addition to the high incidence of respiratory  diseases among the presidents of the neighbor area. Also We have some farmers who have noted the weakness in the growth of crops, desertification of the land and drought crops gradually, around 300 acres of agricultural land were damaged as a result of operating these factories.

Many laboratory tests were conducted by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, in collaboration with health organizations and human rights, indicated the seriousness of the waste emission from this industrial area, lab tests indicated a great danger on the environment, human and animal,
The impact of these factories has appeared clearly through the spread of diseases among the presidents of these areas, and desertification of agricultural land near the industrial area. the risks lie in three aspects, first , the emitted toxic gases over the city, solid waste that dumped and burned in surrounding land, wastewater that is discharged to the surrounding agricultural land.

So in 1983 These factories have been moved to the Tulkarem city, after a long convictions in the Israeli courts, which had lasted nearly ten years, finally the decision was closing these factories from Israeli areas , because they aren't within the specifications and standards. And One year after the closure decision, which mean in 1983, the transfer of these factories has been done to Tulkarem city.
As a summary, Israel decided to close these factories in Israel, because of the danger to humans and  environment, and then it gave itself  a permeation to transfer this danger to the Palestinian People.

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