PENGON Performance Guide - Credit community assessment -

PENGON Performance Guide - Credit community assessment -

Within the framework of the project "Enhancing Environmental Governance at the Municipal Level" implemented by PENGON-Friends of earth-Palestine, funded by The European Endowment for Democracy, PENGON has developed a tool to promote environmental governance, including awareness raising tools to the Palestinian citizen, who has the right to file a complaint against any person who causes harm to the environment according to the Palestinian environmental law. This was done through the distribution of green boxes in the municipalities to receive environmental complaints from citizens. The free telephone line was also launched "Green Line" for the receipt and follow-up of various environmental complaints, as well as the development of a guide to community accountability for municipal environmental performance through community assessment cards.

This guide aims to enhance the role of environmental and human rights organizations in the field of public sector accountability in the quality and impact of the work of local government institutions from municipalities and local councils on the environment, which directly affect the lives of Palestinian citizens. 

This guide is aimed at environmental NGOs as well as human rights organizations that are looking for the environmental rights of the Palestinians.  In addition, this guide is the first of its kind at the national level in its targeting of municipal environmental performance.

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